Real-Time Traffic Management (RTTM)


Excedo DNS powered by Dynect Real-Time Traffic Management is the next level in DNS based Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), and simply put, the ultimate way to get end-user eyeballs to your website in the fastest way possible. This differs from Excedo DNS powered by Dynect Traffic Management and standard GSLB because it does not assume that low latency is a result of directing traffic to the closest geographical data center. RTTM goes beyond network health checks (standard on the Excedo DNS powered by Dynect Platform) by using Round Trip Time (RTT) monitoring to determine the fastest route, end to end. With the use of RTTM, your end-users will never experience longer wait time if your closest geographical data center is experiencing heavy traffic.

How does it work?

In addition to network health checks, performed about once every minute to determine that your data centers are up and running smoothly, we have added a layer of Round Trip Time (RTT) monitoring. Where health checks run out of three of our regional nodes, RTT monitors out of each and every node on our global IP Anycast Network as frequently as every ten minutes to analyze the speed and performance of each of your data centers. Based on the data collected from these tests, Excedo DNS powered by Dynect’s Real-Time Traffic Management feature will automatically calculate a traffic route for optimized speed and low latency.For example, using typical GSLB, an end-user on the east coast would receive a DNS response from our closest regional DNS server (Newark, NJ or another anycasted DNS server in that region). This response would have been manually configured by the GSLB customer, assuming that this configuration gives the fastest response to the Web end-user.

Alternatively, using RTTM, an end-user on the east coast will still receive a DNS response from the closest regional DNS server, but they will be automatically sent to the anycasted server that has been configured (based on the health checks and RTT monitoring) to deliver the fastest response, even if that data center was located on the west coast. So, while in the typical scenario, the closest regional server would deliver the fastest response, there are instances where one of your data centers may be experiencing heavy traffic or is not at peak performance and getting a response from another server would be more efficient.

Maximizing uptime

All services on the Excedo DNS powered by Dynect Platform maximize uptime by giving you a globally redundant and rock-solid IP Anycast Network. With 17 current PoPs (Points of Presence) and growing, the Excedo DNS powered by Dynect Platform has been built to provide the highest level of reliability available. With the RTTM feature, you will not only have maximized uptime, but maximized speed and performance. We do the legwork and analysis for you through our combination of health checks and RTT monitoring which automatically calculates an algorithm that will direct your Web traffic in the fastest and most efficient way possible.


  • Our monitoring systems do the testing and response time analysis for you
  • Provides end-users with the absolute shortest page load time
  • Maximized Web speed leads to higher customer conversion rates and higher revenue
  • Automatically re-direct around your slower responding data centers

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