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Round Robin Load Balancing


The Excedo DNS powered by Dynect platform supports Round-Robin DNS hostnames through our Load Balance-DNS system. As a front-line load balancer, Load Balance-DNS can be used to distribute load across a pool of servers in one or many locations. Advanced network monitoring allows our systems to detect and repair failures. This means that when a server fails, the Excedo DNS powered by Dynect Platform will automatically remove the failed server from the Round-Robin DNS for you. We'll also notify you via e-mail when there's a problem

How does it work?

If a customer is looking to balance traffic amongst a series of servers, the LB-DNS feature of Excedo DNS powered by Dynect will allow that to occur. It uses the DNS platform to distribute traffic by alternating the IP being served from the DNS servers.

What problems does Round Robin Load Balancing solve?

The need of on-premise hardware load balancers installed.

Risks that are eliminated compared to using other solutions?

Many load balance products on the market sit behind DNS, so if your DNS fails your load balance becomes irrelevant. By managing traffic on Excedo DNS powered by Dynect you continue to have the power and flexibility you need to remain up and available to your customers.

Risks that a company is facing if they "don't" use Round Robin Load Balancing?

Higher costs, less effectiveness.

Benefits achieved by using Round Robin Load Balancing

Control and management of their infrastructure in a way that reduces cost, increases flexibility, and allows for on the fly reconfigurations.

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